Cotton Candy Dice Bag


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Add some delicious style to your game table! This delectable looking bag is perfect for storing your TTRPG essentials such as dice, minis, tokens, cards, coins or whatever else your heart desires.

Each bag measures approximately: 5" x 4" x 10"


-Cotton Candy
Beautiful shimmering fabric

-"Sweet" Embroidery

-King Size
Large bag with 7 sections (6 pockets) to keep your RPG essentials separate. Each side pocket can hold approximately 2 dice sets (14 dice). Can also be used to store minis, tokens, coins, and other similarly sized items.

The bottom section is kept open for more storage. The bag is large enough to store almost anything you can think of: dice, minis, cards, tokens, pencils, small notepads, phone chargers, or whatever else you may need for those long game sessions.

-Free Standing
Sits upright for easy access, even when empty

Each bag is handmade and may differ slightly from sample images. Lining subject to change based on store availability.

Image of Taffy Dice Bag
Taffy Dice Bag
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